Pee Empro Exports Pvt Ltd

        At the fashion forefront in expanding India is Pee Empro Exports, renowned and respected since 1981. We utilize our own fabric processing plant "Creative" for printing and dyeing, as well as our own schiffli embroidery unit "Hemla" both of which empower us to claim vertical integration in the manufacture of woven garments. The entire process is driven by in-house control through to the shipped garment. Our hallmarks are timely delivery, value for money and precision quality. 

       Pee Empro Exports has a large merchandising department well equipped to service our customers in sourcing the textile market and assisting with ideas and sampling. We are justifiably proud of our versatility and capability. Our niche is woven goods and we work expertly with a wide range of fabrics of every weight and weave. Embellishments such as washes, embroideries, appliques, and bead-work are welcome. There are over three hundred thousand square feet of manufacturing space with the latest machinery, producing up to 30,000 pieces a day.

      Our quality control department insures product perfection and fully compliant with all of our esteemed clients.    


 Upcoming News

  • Pee Empro along with Hemla have opened two new units with state of the art machinery located in Faridabad.

  • All units in the Pee Empro group will be going green with the implementation of 35KW Solar plants on all the units along with change of lights to LED Bulbs

  • We are also proud to anounce that Pee Empro is now in close collaboration with cool earth and are supported by GIZ with whom we have embarked on a mission to measure and reduce our carbon footprint.